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Video calling designed for therapists.

Providing video appointments has advantages for both physicians and patients. With Confrere, you get a tool that is both secure and easy to use.

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Continuity of treatment

Perhaps your patient is travelling, has a cold and can’t make it to the office, or needs to meet with you outside of your regularly scheduled appointments. With video appointments you can ensure continuity of treatment, even when your patient can’t be there in person.

When phone and email won’t suffice

Initial and clarifying conversations that might otherwise be made over phone or e-mail can often work better over video, where nuance can be conveyed more efficiently.

Secure and trustworthy

Video calling through Confrere is secure and end-to-end encrypted. That means that no one but you and your patient can see or hear your conversations. Confrere offers Data Processing Agreements in accordance with the needs of the health care sector and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about security.

Easy to use

With Confrere, your patients won’t have to download an app, sign up, or "add as friend". Your account comes with a personal Confrere web address, and your patients simply follow the link you send them. Read more about the convenience of Confrere.

Charge for video appointments

Confrere lets you specify your services and their pricing. Patients can pay with debit or credit card, or you may handle payment yourself outside of Confrere if that’s what works best for you. Read more about charging for video consultations.

Expand your reach

Video calls are an effective way to work in a variety of forms of therapy and counseling. For instance, providing coaching within the workplace on things such as conflict resolution, stress management, and staff wellbeing.

No lock-in or exclusivity

Confrere allows you to use video calls in whichever way best suits your practice. With no time-binding contract required, you are free to pay for Confrere month-to-month if that’s what suits you best. We are building a service that aims to work alongside other services already widespread among therapists and mental health practitioners.

Developed in collaboration with leading mental health practitioners

Confrere is developed in Norway in cooperation with leading psychologists and practitioners across the mental health field. This means that Confrere is easy to use for both patients and physicians, but also that we adhere to strict EU regulations on security and privacy. Read more about how we work.


Get in touch with Svein Willassen. He speaks to new and existing customers every day, and is part of Confrere's founding team.

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