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Video calls tailored to the needs of mental health professionals

Through close collaboration with healthcare professionals, we’ve developed a secure video calling tool that fits perfectly into the therapist’s workday. Hassle-free and HIPAA-compliant.

No downloads. Just a link.

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    Send a link to your Confrere to your patient via text message, email, or booking system.

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    Your patient opens the link on a smartphone or computer, and we notify you on your dashboard and via text.

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    You’re in a video call!

Continuity of treatment

Perhaps your patient can’t make it to the office this week due to illness or travel. With video appointments, you can ensure continuity of treatment, even when your patient can’t be there in person.


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Easy for patients, easy for you

We test your patient’s device and network connection before the call begins so that you don’t have to use appointment time giving tech support. Unlike Skype or FaceTime, Confrere can be used on any device, and without the hassle of downloading apps or creating accounts.

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Secure, safe, and HIPAA-Compliant

Video calling through Confrere is secure and end-to-end encrypted. That means that your calls are confidential, and no one but you and your patient can see or hear your conversations. We offer Business Associate Agreements in accordance with HIPAA.

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Are video appointments reimbursable?

Does your state have parity laws? What about Medicare’s policy? Your options for offering video appointments can depend on the telemedicine legislation in your location.

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Use Confrere as it best suits your practice

We’ve designed a flexible and unobtrusive video tool for mental health professionals. Not an EMR, not a booking system, not a platform that hires therapists.

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Who are you meeting with today?

Janelle WilliamsClinical psychologistEmily MurphySocial workerWeekdays 12.00-15.00Weekdays 08.00-12.30

Receiving payment for video appointments

You can list your services and their prices on your Confrere for your patients to choose from. They can pay via our built-in payment solution — Confrere does not that any cuts or fees. You are also free to handle patient billing outside of Confrere.

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Free trial, fair pricing, and any-time cancellation

We want you to use Confrere because it is the best video calling tool for you, not because you are locked into a contract. So try Confrere for free, and if you like it, subscribe to our monthly plan with the option to cancel any time. We believe that good business means satisfied customers.