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Professional video calling,
without the hassle.

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No downloads. Just a link.

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    Send your Confrere address to the person you’re meeting with, e.g. via e-mail, text, calendar invite, or your booking system.

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    Your visitor opens the link on a smartphone or computer, and we notify you on your dashboard and via text.

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    You're in a video call!

Sell your services via video calls

Thanks to our Stripe integration, you can offer your services via video, and charge for them all in one place.

Learn about paymentsillustration

Customize to fit your brand

Use your logo, colors, images and domain to showcase your brand.

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Perfect for 1-on-1 customer relationships

Your customers won’t have to download an app or “add as friend”. Confrere is tailored for external video meetings.
Google MeetZoomSkype for Business
No downloadsDesktop only
Browser supportChromeFirefoxEdge
Customize branding
Payment integration
Intercom integration
End-to-end encryption
Screen sharing
Text chat
Max participants50500250
Perfect forInternal meetingsInternal meetingsInternal meetings

See how video calls can be used in your industry.

Confrere is a perfect match for a range of professions meeting 1-1 with their leads, customers or clients.