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Easy to use, highly secure video calls with up to 4 participants

We worked hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals to develop video calls for up to 4 participants that work for everyone. So far, physicians and patients have made over 1 million calls with 99% reliability.

For physicians or for hospitals

Encrypted video calls with up to 4 participants

Let us show you how Confrere video calls are different. They're easier and more secure.

No downloads. Just a link.

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    Send your Confrere address to the visitors you’re meeting with, e.g. via e-mail, text, calendar invite, or your booking system.

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    Your visitors open the link on a smartphone or computer, and we notify you on your dashboard and via text.

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    You're in a video call!

Who are you meeting with today?

Janelle WilliamsClinical psychologistEmily MurphySocial workerWeekdays 12.00-15.00Weekdays 08.00-12.30

Get to know Confrere

See how Confrere is both safe and easy to use for patients and health professionals

See how it works

Secure video calls for professional settings

Confrere is tailored to experts that offer treatment, therapy, counselling, and services via video.

How video calls can be used in your industry

Confrere is perfect for professional meetings with patients, clients, or leads.