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Video calls tailored to the needs of physicians

We’ve worked closely with practicing physicians to develop a video calling software that fits perfectly into the doctor’s workday.

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Easy for patients, easy for you.

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    Patients receive a link via text or email from your EHR or booking system. The link opens on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. They do not need to download an app.

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    Patients enter in their name and contact info when prompted. They are then redirected to a virtual waiting room where they wait for your call until you’re ready.

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    When you call your patients, your connection is secure and encrypted so that the video call meets the privacy requirements of the healthcare sector.

When are video appointments suitable?

It’s up to the physician to determine when it’s beneficial to use video for an appointment. Experience suggests that most appointments in which no physical examination is necessary can be done over video.
When to use video

Getting started with video appointments

Video appointments free up time in the primary care physician’s schedule, and patients respond positively to them. And it’s easier to get started than one thinks.
How to get started

Made with security in mind

In order to use telemedicine and video appointments in the healthcare sector, the software must be secure. Confrere follows the strictest security regulations, complying with HIPAA, GDPR, and Normen.
Confrere and security

The PCP’s gatekeeper role in the digital age

In the last few years, more and more private actors have begun to offer doctor’s appointments over video. If primary care physicians offer appointments over video as well, they’ll be able to secure their gatekeeper role in the era of telemedicine.

Free trial, fair pricing, and any-time cancellation

We want you to choose Confrere because it is the best tool for you, not because you are locked into a contract. So try Confrere for free, and if you like it, subscribe to our monthly plan with the option to cancel any time. We believe that good business means satisfied customers.

Try free for 30 days. No credit card necessary.