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Tutor 1-on-1 using video calls

Teaching over video has advantages for both you and your students. For a safe, simple, and professional video calling tool, try Confrere.

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Ensure continuity in teaching

Perhaps your student is travelling or is feeling under the weather? With video lessons, you can ensure continuity, even when you can’t meet physically.

Cut travel time and reach more students

If you find yourself commuting long distances to give lessons, you may save time by providing lessons over video instead. You can teach anyone, anywhere, as long as they have a webcam and access to the internet.

Easy to use

With Confrere, your students won’t have to download an app, sign up, or "add as friend". You get your own Confrere address, and your students simply follow the link you send them. Read more about the convenience of Confrere.

Charge for lessons

Confrere lets you specify your services and their pricing. Students can pay with debit or credit card via Confrere, and you never need to fear a student forgetting their checkbook. You’re also free to handle payment yourself if that’s what works best for you. Read more about charging for video consultations.

Secure and trustworthy

Video calling through Confrere is secure and end-to-end encrypted. That means that no one but you and your student can see or hear your conversations. Read more about security.

Brand your video lessons

Confrere provides user-friendly settings that allow you to brand your Confrere with your logo, photos, and brand color. When students meet with you over video, it's your business they will remember - not Confrere. Read more about branding video calls.

Anders Aspaas
Anders Aspaas
Head of Sales