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GDPR and HIPAA compliant video appointments for hospitals and patients

We have developed a tool in collaboration with hospital staff for easy, safe, and secure video appointments.

“Confrere is well suited for this use”

Rheumatology outpatients have used Confrere for video appointments as part of a pilot project by Østfold Hospital in Norway.

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Highly secure and fully compliant with regulations for hospitals

We've worked hard to ensure that Confrere video calls are completely secure. Privacy and compliance with HIPAA and GDPR. Safety is one of our top priorities. Read more about how we've made Confrere secure.

Accessible and easy to use for anyone

Video calls don’t need to be complicated. Confrere is a user-friendly and accessible video calling tool. It’s easy-to-use for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Compatible with EHR systems

Confrere can be used in combination with all EHR systems because Confrere functions in the browser, not as an outside app or system. Neither practitioners nor patients have to download or install anything in order to use it.

Save time, hassle, and travel costs for patients

Patients who must commute long distances, have difficulty getting to the hospital, or have a condition that requires frequent but simple follow-ups can benefit from video appointments.

Award-winning Scandinavian design

In 2019, Confrere won Norway’s most prestigious prize for design and architecture, DOGA. DOGA recognizes businesses that distinguish themselves by their excellent use of product design or architecture.

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See how we've tailored Confrere to fit the needs of professionals who offer services and consultations via video.

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Anders Aspaas
Anders Aspaas
Head of Sales