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Video calls in the browser, on any device

No downloads.

Confrere works in the internet browser, and it works on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Just a link

To invite a visitor into a video call, simply send them a link. They can then go straight to your video call, without any hassle of creating an account or typing in usernames and passwords.

Safe and secure

Your video call is encrypted from end-to-end so that no one else can access your call. Read more about how we prioritize privacy.

It’s never been easier to invite someone to a video call

  • Because your Confrere link is always the same, it's easy to add the link to websites, email signatures, social media accounts, and booking systems.
  • To invite someone, use our built-in text message tool or simply paste your Confrere address into the email.

Invite visitors to a call

Hi! To make a video call with Janelle Williams, click this link: williams-recruiting/janelle

Video calls — without the hassle


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Create a Confrere tailored to your needs

Who are you meeting with today?

Janelle WilliamsCEOEmily MurphyRecruiterWeekdays 12.00-15.00Weekdays 08.00-12.30

The dashboard puts you in control

Feb 26GustavoMissed callFeb 18Klara15 minutesFeb 15Lisa Hanson1 hourFeb 9David Martinez35 minutesFeb 5Sarah Khan7 minutesHistoryCallGustavo

With queuing, back-to-back calls are easy

  • While your visitor is waiting, we show them how long they’ve waited, and which number they are in line.
  • On your dashboard, you’ll see all the individuals who are waiting and how long they've waited. But you’re free to let someone skip the line - you decide who you want to call first.

Janelle Williams will receive you as soon as possible

You are number 2 in line

Manage your organization with ease

  • Invite team members, and decide if you want to grant them admin privileges.
  • If you offer services, you can administer their prices, descriptions, and who offers them.

Something you’re missing? We offer API access and integrations.


Janelle Williams30 min sessionNader Khoury30 min sessionLisa Hanson30 min session
Invite team members
Manage team members

Free trial, fair pricing, and no contract

We want you to use Confrere because it's the best tool for you, not because you're locked into a contract. We believe that satisfied customers mean good business.

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