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Privacy Policy

This statement explains how your privacy is protected and how your data is used when using Confrere AS's website. By using this website, you agree to this statement.


Data Processor: Confrere AS

Confrere AS is responsible for the collection and use of personal data that is made in connection with the operation and maintenance of

Confrere AS uses the following subcontractors:

  • Amazon Web Services

Only Confrere AS (with subcontractors) has access to the information collected. Confrere AS has entered data processing agreements in accordance with current legislation with subcontractors.

Web analytics

Confrere AS collects usage data using Google Analytics and Hotjar.

Google Analytics uses cookies and receives general web statistics, such as browser, time spent, language and which webpage the user came from.

The information received is subject to Google's Privacy Policy.


When you visit, you get cookies from Google Analytics (Confrere AS). These are used to track the use of content on The site respects "Do not track" settings in browsers. The site also collects information for use in the remarketing and "Similar Audiences" feature of Google AdWords.

This allows Google to display ads from Confrere AS to you based on your previous visits to These ads will be general and based on broad audiences and will only appear in search ads or visits to other Google Display Network sites. You can opt out of Google's use of cookies in Google's ad settings.

Feedback form

In some places, you will find a feature where you can provide feedback on whether or not you found the information you are looking for. This feedback is used to improve our content.

The feedback is stored in a separate database, contains no personal information, and cannot be traced back to you.