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Terms of service

Hi! Welcome to Confrere.

Confrere lets you do video calls through a web browser on any modern web-enabled device. Confrere is best suited for video calls between a professional (such as a doctor or a lawyer) and a client.

The following terms of service apply to your use of and access to Confrere as a professional user with a trial or paid subscription. If you are a visitor to a professional’s Confrere, please see the privacy policy to find out what data we store on you and your visit.

Through using Confrere, you accept these terms as a legally binding agreement.

As much as we have striven to make sure this is understandable and complete, we understand you might have additional questions. Please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to answer them.

You can also

  • Email us at
  • Call us at +47 924 49 678
  • Or send a letter to
    Confrere AS
    Dovresvingen 6b
    N-1184 Oslo

The following terms of service apply to your use of and access to Confrere as a professional user with a trial or subscription, unless you work for a company that has negotiated a separate agreement with us. When we talk about service or services in this agreement, we mean everything we provide in “a Confrere” including video, sound, text, and graphics.

(When we talk about laws and authorities in this document, we do so in the traditional sense, referring to statutes, regulations, courts, governments, police, etc.). These terms are governed by Norwegian law.

  1. Changes to terms
  2. Your Confrere account
  3. Plans and payment
  4. Your data
  5. GDPR and HIPAA
  6. Access
  7. Acceptable use
  8. Ownership and confidentiality
  9. Encryption, recording and 3rd party data
  10. Termination and suspension
  11. Force majeure
  12. Governing law

1: Changes to terms

Changes to these terms may occur. If we make any significant changes, we will send you an email and let you know, so please make sure your account has an up-to-date email address. If you continue to use Confrere after being notified of a change, then you have accepted the new terms.

2: Your Confrere account

If you want to offer video calls through Confrere, you need a Confrere organization. You can create it either by signing up or by accepting an invitation as a team member through email from your Confrere’s owner. In order to create that account, you must provide us with certain information about yourself. This information must be true and up to date.

Team member accounts are personal and may not be shared with other individuals.

You are responsible for anything that happens under any of your Confrere accounts, regardless of where you are geographically.

If you are a visitor to a Confrere, you don’t need an account or a customer relationship with Confrere AS.

3: Our plans and payment

We have three standard plans (Consult, Care and Create) and one custom plan (Custom). All prices for the standard plans apply per active user per month — with an exception for the owner account, which is always billed to retain your individual Confrere URL. You can cancel your plan at any time unless you have a specially negotiated contract that states otherwise (anyone on a standard plan does not have a special contract). See our billing policy for more information.

Pricing for the standard plans may be changed. You will receive fair notice of any changes (we will send you an email). Custom plans should be expected to be renegotiated whenever the prices for standard plans change.

You agree to pay the fees generated by the team members you have added to your Confrere organization. See our pricing page for further information. You also agree to pay all applicable taxes.

We may suspend your service if you do not pay.

Following either cancellation or suspension, we will delete your account and data 60 days after it became inactive.

If we make a mistake and charge you the wrong amount, please

so we may rectify the charge.

4: Your data

To understand how we use your data, please read our privacy policy. If you don’t want your data used in that way, you must either revoke your consent and cookie settings where applicable or stop using Confrere. If you believe we use data in a way that is unethical or not necessary for the operation of Confrere, please contact us with your concerns.

There are a few reasons we have to use the data you have provided us with:

  • We can’t otherwise provide you with the service;
  • To offer technical support for issues you might run into;

There are also reasons why we might need to release data you’ve given us:

  • If the law requires us to hand information over to the authorities;
  • If we believe it is necessary to protect you or someone else, in case of an emergency;
  • If we believe you are breaking the law;

You may ask us what information we have about you at any time and we will let you know. See our privacy policy to read about all of your rights with regards to your data.

5: GDPR, HIPAA, and accompanying agreements

We are in full compliance with GDPR.

If you are located in the EEA (European Economic Area, includes the EU), UK or Switzerland, you need a data protection agreement with us. Your DPA (data protection agreement) is included in the signup process and signed by you after you confirm your account. You can download it by logging in.

Our Data Protection Agreement (DPA) is based on a standard agreement from the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth. Why health? Because the health sector has the strictest regulations.
If you have particular needs,


We comply with HIPAA.

If you provide healthcare in the US, we need to enter into a Business Associate Agreement or BAA.


6: Access

We try to make Confrere available for use 24/7 and strive for a low fail rate. Sometimes things happen that prevent us from delivering our service to you. If you have specific requirements for uptime and performance, you should

so we can work out an SLA (service level agreement) that fits your needs.

7: Acceptable use

Do not use Confrere to contact emergency services or make emergency calls. Please use a national emergency number instead so that you get the help you need and so that your call is properly routed.

Don’t violate the law with or in Confrere. Our governing law is the Norwegian law.
We don’t accept content or behavior that incites violence, hatred or harassment, or anything illegal.

You and your developers may use our APIs and developer documentation to create end-user services as long as they too comply with laws and regulations in Norway and the country you live in, as well as Confrere’s terms.

If your content or actions in Confrere or services built with our API violate any laws, including but not limited to spam, phishing, copyright infringement, defamation, computer attacks or fraud, we will terminate your service as soon as we find out.

8: Ownership and confidentiality

The text you write, your video calls, your logo, profile images and other content that belongs to you are still yours when you put them in your Confrere. If you made it, it’s yours. Likewise, everything that we have made, is ours.

If you use Confrere, you are free to use our name and logo on your website, in promotional material and whatever else you might need that is related to the service you provide through Confrere.

We may use your feedback, company name and descriptions of clever things you have done with our service in our own marketing and content. You will hear from us before we do because that’s polite.

In addition to being polite, we will also be honest about our relationship to each other.
All confidential information we exchange will be kept entirely confidential. It will also only ever be used for the purpose it was exchanged for, such as billing, development or support.

9: Encryption, recording and third-party data

Calls in Confrere are end-to-end-encrypted and cannot be listened in on digitally. They are established directly between the two parties in the call. We, the people behind Confrere, do not have access to the call itself, we only know that a call has been made.

We do not have a recording function.
If you wish to record your video calls, be aware that there are a lot of laws governing such types of recordings and you have to be in compliance with all of them. Please don’t record anyone without their knowledge and explicit consent.

When you use BankID, NemID or other digital identification services with Confrere (Scandinavia only), your visitor’s personal identification number, social security number or similar will be displayed in Confrere.
If you activate this function, you must be sure you are within the legal requirements for asking for and storing a personal identification number (for example: if you are a doctor, you need this number to identify your patient). We will, in turn, treat this data as required by the law.

10: Termination and suspension

If you significantly violate these terms and don’t fix the violation when we make you aware of it, we may terminate your account. We will do our best to let you know we are about to terminate the account, but in some cases, it might not be possible.

We can suspend your service for several reasons, in addition to your failure to pay your fees when they are due, if: 1) you break the law; 2) you use your Confrere for spam; 3) your use negatively impacts the operation of our services; or 4) you file for bankruptcy or go out of business.

11: Force majeure

Should one or both of us be unable to keep our promises because something unforeseen beyond our control happens (snowstorm, massive power outage, meteorite impact, dinosaurs come back…) we don’t think that counts and will just agree none of us were to blame.

12: Governing law

These terms are governed by Norwegian law.

Please, please, please reach out to customer support before taking anything to court. Most likely we can solve whatever issue you’re experiencing. If the dispute cannot be resolved in that way and we do have to seek the court’s help, we will do so in Oslo District Court, Oslo, Norway.

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