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User-friendly and trustworthy.

Our mission is to provide trustworthy video calling that is easy to use for everyone.

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We talk to our customers every day

Video calls have been available online for well over a decade, yet they still frustrate most people. Why does it have to be so complicated?

To make sure we are developing a product that is useful to our customers, we speak with them every day. We don’t outsource any part of our customer service. We personally respond to all support inquiries, complaints and questions. It's the best way that we can learn and improve!

In accordance with strict security regulations, GDPR and HIPAA

Confrere is based in Norway, which means we are bound to follow EU regulations like GDPR. This means you’ll get a product that follows some of the world’s strictest laws and regulations on privacy, accessibility and consumer rights.

We are also mindful of the needs of our American customers and make it easy to be HIPAA-compliant.

Video calls for everyone

Video calls should be effortless for all, regardless of technical skills. We work continuously with our customers to ensure that Confrere is easy to use for everyone.

Svein Willassen
Svein Willassen
Chief Executive Officer