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Confrere is GDPR compliant

We enable you to offer your services to European customers in full accordance with the GDPR

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All the tools you need to be compliant

With Confrere, you can be certain your customers’ personal information is handled in an ethical, respectful and lawful manner, and that you can easily comply with the GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) when offering your services over video. (Anyone conducting business in the EU, EEA or Switzerland is required to comply).

Data Processing Agreement

In order for our tool to function, we handle and process data from our own customers, but also that of their visitors. We don’t structure this data in any way for our own use.

We offer a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) that takes personal and sensitive information into account, and covers the needs of the health care sectors. See an example DPA here.

No visitor tracking

We neither collect nor use any information about your visitors for marketing purposes. Your visitors will not receive marketing from Confrere, nor will their browsing patterns be tracked by any third party tool. We store metadata to be able to offer support, but this is not connected to the personal information they give to you.

Privacy by design

Confrere asks for as little information as possible from your visitors. When entering into a call they enter their name and have the option to enter their phone number so you may contact them if something goes wrong or you can’t make the appointment. We never ask for data you won’t need, and we don’t store it longer than necessary.

Automatic and on-demand data deletion

Visitor data is automatically deleted after two months, but you can set this period to as low as 1 day. Visitor metadata is automatically deleted after 9 months. All data save payment information (which the law requires kept on file for 5 years) can be deleted on demand.

Ability to anonymize

You can choose to anonymize all personal information in unsecured channels like text messages and e-mail notifications. (Confrere itself is encrypted.) For professionals in the health sector, this happens automatically, and we can turn it on for anyone on request.

Accountability and security

We offer two-factor authentication through BankID and NemID. All Confrere accounts are personal. We will expand our two-factor authentication methods, so please let us know what you would prefer to use!

Contact us with any questions or feedback

We are always grateful to those who take the time to point out what we’re not doing well enough. It’s our strongly held belief that business should be conducted in an ethical and respectful manner, and naturally, that includes adhering to the spirit and not just the letter of the law! If you think we could do a better job with privacy,


You can read about how we handle security and how we are building an accessible tool.

Svein Willassen
Svein Willassen
Chief Executive Officer