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Sell your services directly from Confrere

Offer your services via video and charge for them, all in one place.

See pricing

Put a price on your services

If you are a tutor, your rate for a 45-minute session may differ from your rate for a 90-minute session. As a therapist, you might have one rate for couple’s therapy and another for individual therapy. Perhaps you use a sliding scale. We can accommodate the way you run your business.

Confrere lets you specify your services and their pricing on your page. This way your visitors will see your rates in advance.

You may also list which team members are able to offer which services.

Choose a payment solution that suits your needs

After you have set up prices and services, you can connect a payment solution to your account. You’re also free to handle payment outside of Confrere if that’s what works best for you.

We currently offer a Stripe payment integration, which offers:

  • Secure debit and credit card payments
  • Payments in over 135 currencies
  • Payment reservation prior to video call
  • Ability to refund payments
Svein Willassen
Svein Willassen
Chief Executive Officer