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Free trial period, fair pricing, and any-time cancellation

We want you to use Confrere because it is the best tool for you – not because you are locked into a contract.

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We're happy if you're happy

We believe that the best way for us to create a world-class product is by having conversations with our customers and making improvements based on their feedback. We hope to do a good enough job that our customers will be happy, feel that their workflow has improved, and maybe even recommend Confrere to their peers and colleagues.

Therefore, Confrere allows you to cancel any time

Because Confrere is a digital product, there’s no need for individual customers to make big investments when they subscribe to our service. Our greatest expenses are the salaries we pay our employees who develop and operate Confrere and offer customer service.

Therefore, we don’t feel there are any good reasons to bind our customers to a contract. As a customer of Confrere, you pay monthly, and you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Your team pays for Confrere based on usage

We charge per month per active team member. An active team member is any team member who has made at least one video call within the 30-day billing cycle. If all team members are inactive, we only charge for one team member so that you can retain your subscription and custom Confrere web address. Any changes to the number of active team members will be reflected in your next monthly statement.

Example case: The Clinic

The clinic has one Confrere account. There are three primary care physicians who work there - Dr. Fernandez (the owner of the clinic's Confrere), Dr. Williams, and Dr. Levine.

  • In April, Dr. Fernandez had 15 video appointments, Dr. Williams had 10 video appointments, and Dr. Levine had 0 video appointments. The clinic pays only for two active team members.
  • In May, Dr. Fernandez did not have any video appointments, Dr. Williams had 3 video appointments, and Dr. Levine had 30 video appointments. The clinic pays only for two active team members.
  • In June, Dr. Fernandez had 23 video appointments, Dr. Williams had 13, and Dr. Levine had one. The clinic pays for 3 active team members.
  • In July, none of the PCPs had any video appointments. The clinic pays only for the account owner (the equivalent of one active team member)

And because we only charge for team members who make video calls, an organization can add team members who don’t make video calls but who need admin access to the Confrere dashboard. For instance, the medical secretary can be added as an admin on their Confrere at no extra cost.

We know that Confrere is only one of the many tools that you use

Our speciality is making a video calling tool for professional relationships. Our various clients include physicians, therapists, lawyers, and consultants. They all use a variety of tools during their workday, and we know that Confrere is only one of them. Therefore, we have no competition clauses in our contracts. Our goal is to be the best tool for video calls and to work as seamlessly as possible with the other tools that you require in order to best do your job.

Svein Willassen
Svein Willassen
Chief Executive Officer