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Our API lets you build your own video service.

Need video calls for your product? With our API, you can get started in no time.

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More control using our API

If you want to have even more control over the user experience surrounding your Confrere video calls, you can build your own service using our API. Take a look at our API documentation.

A next level video calling API

With our API you get a first-rate user experience as well as support for all modern browsers, including in-the-browser calls on Android (all browsers) and iPhone (Safari). We're also iframeable.

Confrere is tailored for external 1-1 meetings, so the user experience can be likened to checking into a lobby, or contacting a call center:

  • The visitor is taken to a URL in any modern browser (also Android and iOS)
  • The visitor is taken through our onboarding flow, which checks that their camera, microphone, and speakers all work (see demo)
  • The visitor arrives on a waiting page (kind of like a waiting room)
  • Depending on your settings, either a specific team member or a group of team members may call the visitor from the Confrere dashboard once the visitor has arrived
  • When the team member is ready, they call the visitor -- a perfect system for efficient back-to-back video calls, without interruptions

This means you can manage things like booking, payment and receipt, and anything else that takes place before or after the video call, from your own website. We will redirect your visitors seamlessly to and from your website and your Confrere video calls. Simple, flexible and secure for all parties.

Custom pricing for API customers

For our API users, it often makes sense to offer custom pricing based on usage, for instance, a set price for the first 100 calls done in a month, and a price per call after that.

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Svein Willassen
Svein Willassen
Chief Executive Officer