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Accessible products are better products.

We’re committed to making a product that is inclusive and accessible.

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Everybody is better off

If we had built Confrere only for those with perfect hearing or perfect vision, for those who can solve a puzzle at light speed or never feel all thumbs on their devices, we wouldn’t be making a product for most people.

Being able to navigate the site with a keyboard is great for someone who has Parkinson's, but also for someone with tendinitis. Clear readability is great for the visually impaired, but also something to be grateful for when you forget your reading glasses at home. Good semantic HTML is great for the screen reader, but also for your Search Engine Optimization. Everybody is better off.

Accessible products are better products

Focusing on accessibility has led us to simpler and more elegant usable solutions for everyone. If it’s complicated to make something accessible, that’s often a sign that the design or idea itself is just too complicated. Read more about how we work with accessibility.

Accessible by law

Confrere was founded and is based in Norway. In Norway websites are required to follow nearly all of the A and AA criteria in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines’ 2.0 (except 1.2.3–1.2.5). The law is enforced by the state agency DIFI, which makes random inspections. We are committed to complying with the accessibility regulations.

Ida Aalen
Ida Aalen
Chief Product Officer