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We want to provide video calling for everyone, and that also means working to make Confrere as accessible as possible.

An ongoing process

We consider accessibility an ongoing process. It is intertwined with all aspects of design and development, and is dependent on team effort. Thinking about accessibility has led us to simpler and more elegant solutions for everyone.

Example: Contrast and accessible colors

Accessible by Law! Generating Colors with JS and CSS Custom Properties presentet at CSSConfEU 2018

One of our first challenges was about color contrast. We wanted our customers to be able to choose any color for their branding, but still make sure the interface had sufficient contrast. We’ve blogged about this and presented on it at CSSConf, Berlin 2018.

You can also check out some branded Confrere sites, e.g. with pink, turquoise, red and dark green.

Here are additional resources from the talk:

Sharing what we learn

We’re a small team and, as with many startups, none of us are experts in accessibility. But we believe in having an open process and sharing what we learn with the community to show that accessibility is something you can and should think about from the very start. (And since we’re based in Norway, we’re actually required by law to be accessible).

Ida Aalen
Ida Aalen
Chief Product Officer