About us

Our story

After four years as founder and head of appear.in, Svein Willassen realized that video conferencing systems were all made for internal team communication. There were no good solution for professionals meeting their clients, e.g. doctors, bank advisors or tutors.

Six months of user and market research made him he confident that this was in fact an unmet need. He joined forces with Dag-Inge Aas, former tech lead of appear.in, and Ida Aalen, a leading UX and social media expert, and in July 2017 they founded Confrere.


Where we're going

We are developing a service tailor-made for meetings between professionals and their clients. The MVP will be launched by september 2017, working together with pilot customers.

The full product will be a self service site that makes it possible for professionals to set up their own video conversation site in just 5 minutes. It will have features like booking, queueing and payment in addition to a flawless video meeting experience. Our objective is to publicly launch a self service solution by early 2018.

The business model is based on subscriptions by the professionals.

Confrere is currently looking for angel investment.

The team

Svein Willassen

Chief Executive Officer

Svein has the somewhat rare combination of deep technical knowledge and product vision. He has the first PhD in Digital Forensics in Scandinavia and used to work with restoring deleted text messages and hard drives, and solving data crimes as a Special Investigator for the police. After selling his JavaME messaging startup a bit too soon to be acquired by Facebook, he founded appear.in in Telenor Digital and led this project until early 2017. He is obsessed with development speed and thinks every day is a good day to deploy code (preferably several times). As an avid beer-lover he makes sure all team dinners take place in an establishment with a beer menu of no less than 10 pages.

Dag-Inge Aas

Chief Technology Officer

Dag-Inge was one of the first full-time engineers in appear.in and was Tech Lead for the premium service until July 2017. He has worked extensively with web technologies, infrastructure and backend, in addition to having deep knowledge of WebRTC. He has done several conference talks at international venues, including Japan, United States and Iceland. He deeply believes user experience is everything, be that in your product, or in the code you write. Having a bit of a sweet tooth, he can often be found hovering around the nearest cake celebration, hoping to grab a slice
Ida worked for seven years in the Norwegian design consultancy Netlife Research with such different roles as UX designer, content strategist, project manager and head of communications. She’s especially happy when she gets to work with people from other fields than her own. She has made it her mission to prove that there’s no such thing as no time or no resources for user testing. You just have to be creative. Her other interest is in social media, and she’s written two books on the topic. The books are on the curricula of several Norwegian universities.

Ingvild Indrebø

Senior Software Engineer

Ingvild is the first employee at Confrere. She has worked 4 years at BEKK Consulting, a well known Norwegian Consultancy firm in Oslo. She has worked as a full stack developer in small and larger projects. In later years she has specialised in frontend technologies where she has done different talks and workshops on the topic. It is in the intersection between users and technology that really engage her.