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Video calls embedded in your Intercom chat

With Confrere you can bring your customers from chat straight into video calls - even as they browse your site.

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    As you’re chatting with a customer via Intercom, select the Confrere app to invite to a video call.

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    The invitation appears embedded in the Intercom chat window, and works in all modern browsers.

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    You’re in a video call with your customer - and they can continue to browse your site.

Video calls in any browser.

Confrere is the only video calling app that works on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, as well as on iPhone and Android.

No downloads, just a linkillustration

Perfect for 1-on-1 customer relationships

Confrere is the perfect match for Intercom: It’s tailored for meetings with customers.

ConfrereGoogle MeetZoomSkype for Business
No downloadsDesktop only
Browser supportChromeEdgeFirefoxSafariChromeFirefoxEdge
Customize branding
Built-in payment solution
Intercom integration
End-to-end encryption
Screen sharing
Text chat
Max participants250500250
Perfect forExternal meetingsInternal meetingsInternal meetingsInternal meetings

Expand your market and close leads faster.

Video calls bring you closer both to your leads and your long-standing clients. Learn why sales executives and consultants use Confrere video calls.