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Getting started with video appointments

Video appointments free up time in the PCP’s schedule, and patients respond positively to them. And it’s easier to get started than one thinks. Choose between booked video appointments, video-hours, or both.

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Before you tell your patients that you’ve begun to offer video appointments, you should consider how you’d like to integrate them into your schedule. Many PCPs have had a very positive experience with so-called video-hours. If you choose to use video-hours, you must make sure you allot time for it in your booking or EHR system.

If you are located in the US, learn about the reimbursement legislation for video appointments in your location.

Prepare your Confrere

  • If you don’t have a Confrere account already, go to the sign up page to create one. You’ll be done within 5 minutes.
  • On your dashboard, go to the “Team” page and invite all of the physicians in your office who wish to offer video appointments through your clinic’s Confrere.
  • Encourage your colleagues to upload a profile picture and write in their title. That way, it’ll be easier for their patients to recognize them.
  • If your clinic has a logo and a color it uses, you can customize your Confrere to display them by going to the “Appearance” settings. You can also upload a background photo.
  • Consider whether you would like to offer video appointments as drop-ins, pre-scheduled, or during allotted video-hours. Each physician can post their availability by going to "Settings", and then clicking on "Business hours" in the "Appearance" menu.

Familiarize your medical secretary with your video tool

As the medical secretary is often the first person that the patient meets at the office, they ought to become familiar with what kinds of situations video appointments are useful for, and how video appointments are organized within your office.

They should also know how exactly your video calling tool works so that they can give patients helpful information.

Confrere is priced so that your office only pays for team members who make video calls. Thus, you can invite any medical secretary or other personnel to make a profile on your Confrere free of charge. They'll have access to the dashboard, and can send patients text message notifications via Confrere regarding upcoming video appointments.

Inform your medical secretary of:

  • which physicians offer video appointments
  • which days and times are set aside for video appointments, and if or when it holds video-hours
  • how much time is allotted to each appointment (video appointments are often shorter than in-person appointments, typically under 10 minutes)
  • what “type of appointment” video appointments should be marked as in the booking system
  • if there are any patients for whom, or issues for which, video appointments should not be offered

Provide information about video appointments in the waiting room

The waiting room is the perfect place to inform patients that you’re offering video appointments. Please contact if you’d like us to send you a poster free of charge.

Individual doctors can also print out an announcement to hang in their offices along with their other announcements.

Provide information about video appointments on your website

We suggest adding a link to your Confrere on your website. If you need any help creating this, contact your website provider. If your office has a price list on its website, video appointments should be added to the list.

Make it possible for patients to book video appointments

If video appointments are only offered by booking in advance (e.g., no drop-ins), they should be included as an option in the booking form.

In most booking systems, video can be set up as its own type of appointment. If this isn’t an option in your booking system, you can instead add a sentence at the top of your booking form asking patients to write "VIDEO" into the comments field. Don’t hesitate to contact us or your booking system if you need assistance.

You can also read more about how you can use Confrere along with your EHR system.

Anders Aspaas
Anders Aspaas
Head of Sales