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Do counseling and consulting over video

Do counseling and consulting over video

Offering your services over video has advantages for both you and your customers. With Confrere you get a tool that is safe, simple and professional.

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Easy to use

All you and your customers need is a webcam, internet access and a modern browser. Your customer does not need to download anything or sign up, and you have no need to "add as friend". Read more about the convenience of Confrere

Brand your video conversations

On Confrere, you get a professional tool that you can brand with your logo, brand color, and photos. When customers talk to you on video, it's your business they will remember - not Confrere. Read more about branding video conversations

Secure and trustworthy

Video calling through Confrere is secure and end-to-end encrypted. That means that no one can see or hear what is happening in the conversation who isn’t supposed to. Confrere offers Data processing agreements in accordance with the needs of the health care sector and many others. Read more about security

When phone and email won’t suffice

Initial and clarifying conversations that might otherwise be done by phone or e-mail, can often work better as video calls. And if your customer is traveling or is under the weather, you won’t have to cancel that meeting. If you have to travel a lot to meet with customers, you save a lot of time by doing some of it over video in stead.


Get in touch with Svein Willassen. He speaks to new and existing customers every day, and is part of Confrere's founding team.