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See for your self if Confrere fits your needs

You know best what you need. Try for free before you buy, no strings attached.

Free trial - without the small print

The trial lasts as long as you want, but after you have had 10 video conversations, we will ask you to choose a subscription if you wish to continue using our service.

Individual guidance over video

One of our team members will be happy to give you an individual introduction to the Confrere tool over video. This way, you can see how the tool works in practice before you try it out with your own customers or clients.

Find out which subscription fits your needs

After you've used Confrere for a while you probably know more about what kind of tool you need. The trial is non-binding and no credit card is need. But if you like, take a look at our pricing before you try.

Want to try?

Have a chat with Svein Willassen. He talks with new and existing customers every day, and is part of Confrere's founding team.