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No downloads, no sign-ups.

Your visitors can go straight to your video call, without any hassle of usernames, passwords, or downloads.

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All you need is a link

To meet your visitor over video, all you have to do is send them a link to your Confrere:

You can share that link in any way that fits your workflow: place it on your website, social media, calendar invitations, and on your text message and email booking confirmations.

Tailored for secure customer relationships

Confrere is tailored for meetings between a professional (e.g., physicians, consultants, tutors and so on) and a visitor (e.g., patient, client, student, and so on).

The visitor checks in, and you can then call them from your dashboard when you're ready. The visitor will stay in your dashboard and will be available for you to call them as long as they're still keeping their waiting page open.

This way, you can handle back-to-back meetings without risking being interrupted, for instance when a visitor shows up early.

Works with smartphones, tablets and computers

Cameras and microphones are usually built into smartphones, tablets, and laptops, so it’s easy to begin using video calls with Confrere.

If you have a desktop computer, you may need to acquire a webcam and microphone, but there are many affordable options to be found.

Supported by all modern browsers

All modern browsers support video calls with Confrere, and over 90% of internet users are already using one of them. Here are some:

For the best experience, we encourage you to update Apple products to the latest version of iOS, and Windows users to upgrade to for instance Microsoft Edge or Chrome rather than older versions of Internet Explorer.

Svein Willassen
Svein Willassen
Chief Executive Officer