About us

Our story

After four years as founder and head of appear.in, Svein Willassen realized that video conferencing systems were all made for internal team communication. There were no good solution for professionals meeting their clients, e.g. doctors, bank advisors or tutors.

Six months of user and market research made him he confident that this was in fact an unmet need. He joined forces with Dag-Inge Aas, former tech lead of appear.in, and Ida Aalen, a leading UX and social media expert, and in July 2017 they founded Confrere.

Where we’re going

We are developing a service tailor-made for meetings between professionals and their clients. The MVP will be launched by september 2017, working together with pilot customers.

The full product will be a self service site that makes it possible for professionals to set up their own video conversation site in just 5 minutes. It will have features like booking, queueing and payment in addition to a flawless video meeting experience. Our objective is to publicly launch a self service solution by early 2018.

The business model is based on subscriptions by the professionals.